Mr. Subin Varghese

Subin was born in 1973, in Alleppey, Kerala, India. He was the youngest of three children born to Late Rev. Thomas Varghese & Mrs. Rachel Varghese.

His desire to help others was carried out by continuing his father’s legacy to care for the poor by founding “Covenant Ministries”, a foundation that focuses on mission work in India. Subin was a visionary with big dreams and plans to further the kingdom of God. Even when he experienced financial hardship, Subin cared for the less fortunate through feeding local homeless populations.

Subin sought God’s counsel and through that period of intimate fellowship with God, his life’s purpose to continue his father’s vision came to fruition. He was led by the Holy Spirit to make a covenant vow to God that if God blesses him again, he would bless others for the glory of His kingdom, and God honored his prayer through Covenant Ministry.

As an avid businessman, Subin worked and established strong lifetime friendships with many clients, churches, and community leaders.

He was not just an entrepreneur, but a true leader. He was generous, kind, personable and understanding. Subin set an example of integrity, honesty and loyalty that inspired everyone. His door was always open for his employees and regardless of the workload. He could always be counted on to keep everyone in good spirits by cracking a joke or telling a story.

Regardless of what beckoned his attention, he was faithful and never forgot the covenant vow he made to God to bless others. He began his mission by helping the poor in his home country India. Along with financial support, Subin founded and dedicated his life to further expand the Covenant Ministry through a partnership with Full Life Assembly of God (FLAG) ministries.

He organized and restructured the mission work for FLAG and Bethel Gospel Ministries. This included ministry focused on orphans and widows in Odisha (Orissa) through Bethel Gospel Ministries.  He partnered with FLAG that launched the slum ministry and Rescue Project (rescuing and providing shelter homes for numerous girls subject to human trafficking and domestic violence).

Covenant Ministry was instrumental in northern India by supporting numerous pastors and churches across 15 states.

He was a great visionary with unwavering faith. He inspired new projects which included spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ , when he pioneered the project to translate the movie “Passion Of Christ” into the native language (Oriya) for the people of Odisha (Orissa), India. As a result, many heard, believed and took water baptism in that community. Humanly speaking, Subin had much more of his vision to complete, but that was not the Lord’s plan for him. God said “Well done, good and faithful servant”, when he went to be with the Lord on May 2020.

The loss of Subin left a huge void for his family, friends and his ministries. Subin was an amazing, selfless, and loving husband as well as an extraordinary father to his three children, whom he loved with all of his heart. His magnetic personality will be missed by all who knew him.