A Tribal Girl Enjoying the Lord’s Tender Mercy


Sushma, aged 16 years, reached the rescue home in January, 2021. She hails from a interior tribal village in north east part of India, where she lived a horrible life because of her abusive parents. Being in an unethical community, she    engaged in a live in relationship with anyone of her choice with out a proper marriage. She bore two children at her young age. Latter, she was taken to Delhi on the pretext of a job. She was engaged as a domestic help in a family who abused and ill treated her. She managed to escape and landed up in a railway station to escape to her hometown. Being unaware of the scenario at Delhi, she was at the high risk of falling as a prey to the widespread traffickers in that area. Before such untoward incident could happen, our rescue team took the risk of safeguarding her. Since then she has been kept in the Rescue home.

She takes the responsibility of helping the catering unit in the Rescue home as she was interested in cooking and serving food to the other inmates. She also takes good care of the young children in the rescue home.

Initially, she was traumatic and did not know the reason behind her purpose of stay in our rescue home. But, slowly and steadily, she has been strengthened in the Lord through the regular bible meditation and prayer. She desperately says that she will carry the Bible to her family as she came to know about the true light that brought a change in her life.